The "Keshatot" (Rainbow) Center for autistic children functions as a kindergarten and a primary school, for 80 pupils ages 3-13. The goal of the Center is to enhance the children's ability to participate in mainstream society. A unique program is built for each child, integrating physical, emotional and academic activities.

The students enjoy a variety of paramedical treatments on a regular basis. Some of these treatments are subsidised by the state (speech therapy, occupational therapy and emotional therapy), but other treatments are funded only by donations.

As part of our determination to provide our children the best tailored treatment they deserve, The Keshatot Center enriches its pupils with extra curricular treatments that have proven their great positive affect on autistic children worldwide.

"The Keshatot Children" foundation supports the school by providing funds for the extra treatments the children receive, along with providing "tech-aid", such as laptops and iPADS.

Your kind support will be truly appreciated by the Keshatot administration, professional staff, parents and pupils.

You can support us through:

PayPal Transfer donations via www.paypal.com  to Keshatot@hotmail.com 

Please write out your contributions to: "Keshatot Children" and send them to:

Keshatot Center
Menashe Regional Council Educational Campus
DN Hefer, 37845