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עמותת קשתות

The Fund for Keshatot Children [reg. no. 580540532, recognized charity, clause 46, Israel Income Tax Authority] was established in 2011 by parents of autistic children who studied at the Keshatot Center in order to assist autistic children in their schools.

The fund seeks contributions for complementary para-medical treatments [which are not among the therapies and treatments provided by the Ministry of Education], therapeutic and technological equipment and infrastructure improvement. The fund also organizes enrichment and recreational activities provided by local volunteers. Because the Fund for Keshatot Children is run solely by volunteers, all monies raised go directly towards these activities.


We currently support :
The Keshatot ("Rainbows" in hebrew) Center is a multi-regional magnet school serving 89 children age 3 – 13 on the autism spectrum in 2 kindergartens and 11 elementary school classes. These children graduate after the 6th grade and continue in Harim and other high schools.

The Harim ("Mountains" in hebrew) high school, is a multi regional school in Givaat Ada, serving 60 adolescents age 13-21 on the autism spectrum.

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